“Sitting in my own work with Michelle has allowed me to touch a deeper part of myself I never even knew existed. She held the space for me beautifully as I allowed myself to experience the deepest love for myself and a dear family member.  A love I never dreamed of. Thank you Michelle!”      – Julian, Chicago

“I must say “The Work” is fabulous.  After our session today, I spent some time writing a letter to my daughter.  The results were amazing… for our relationship and myself.  I feel so free.  I feel so liberated.  I feel so much at peace.  This was not only a healing for me, it was a healing for our relationship as we move forward into the future. THANK YOU so much Michelle!”      – Kathryn, Cobourg

“I really had a huge ‘body shift’ and felt my back pain really dissipate.  You’re a wonderful facilitator Michelle, and I’m so glad for this opportunity to work with you!”     –  Jo, Toronto