Telecourses and Webinars

What is a telecourse? 

My telecourses are a cost-effective way to do The Work.  We focus on one topic in a supportive environment.  Classes generally run for 1-2 hours per week for six weeks.  You can attend via Skype, Zoom, or phone.  Topics vary (i.e. money, relationships, family, parenting, the body, approval seeking, honest communication, criticism, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, jealousy, rejection, etc.).  Between classes, you will have a homework partner to do The Work with from the comfort of your own home.  We will have a private forum for posting our homework, insights, realizations, and questions.

No telecourses are scheduled at this time.  Check back here for updates or join the mailing list and be the first to find out about new offerings.  If you have a request for a particular course topic, please let me know.